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Car Dock
Navigation, Music, Calls, SMS, etc.
All Voice Controlled
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App Description
App Description

Voice control Car Dock, “Ultimate Car Dock” with Speedometer
Use your phone safely while driving !

“This app gives you a simpler (safer) menu for apps you need while you drive.
It also gives you text to speech to hear and answer messages.” - (View full article)
IBM Software Group - Vice President Rational Continuous Engineering Solutions


• Incoming text messages read out to you.
• Reply to texts by voice only. No need to touch or look at your phone
• Answer phone calls by voice
• Send texts by voice
• Call anyone by voice
• Start navigation by voice
• Start and stop music by voice
• Sleep mode for power saving and ease of use
• Speedometer Option
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Set your preferences before you use the app when driving, familiarize yourself with the voice control, and add your favorite shortcuts.

Receiving Calls and Text :

When the app is running, incoming calls are announced. You simply respond vocally when prompted to either answer, or reject the call. Your phone automatically goes into speaker mode when calls are answered.

You also have the option to reject a call, and respond vocally with a text message.

Incoming sms text messages are are read out loud to you. You can reply by voice, no need to touch, or look at your phone.

Initiating Calls, Text, and other applications :

There is a power saving sleep mode, just touch the screen anywhere to give a voice command, for example “Send Text to Jane” ... “Call Jane” .. “Navigate to Seattle.”

Sending sms text messages by voice is easy, just say “text contact” the app will ask you to speak your message, and give you the option to verify the text before sending.

Call anyone, just say “call ” and name of your contact, the call is placed, and the sound is automatically set to loud speaker.

There is a help section built into the app, but if you need any assistance or have any problems then please email us, we will do our level best to help.

Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock
Ultimate Car Dock